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I am someone that likes to dabble and try things. And sometimes it just goes unexpectedly well.As I finally came around to the idea of starting blog posts about stuff I like to work on I am designating this space for my hobby projects and other interesting titbits I encounter when working.I have always enjoyed learning (and educating others) with all the weird little kinks and intricacies programming throws at you all the time. Maybe I can shed some light on these weirdnesses or maybe you are just here to have a snoop around, don't let me stop you.

Me (briefly)

I'm a software engineer, orginally from Germany and now living and working in the UK. As of right now I am employed at Simply Do Ideas.I am currently working on my research towards a PhD at Cardiff University (started in 2019). I have always been fascinated with the psychology surrounding the use of technology and being able to research Human Computer Interaction to this extent is a great experience.

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