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How it's made

This website is built using React and delivered using aiohttp and supported by MongoDB. Everything is dockerised and I use this handy Let's Encrypt Companionto do the signing legwork for me. You can visit any page with JavaScript disabled to view a static server-side rendered version of this website.My blog posts are written using a WYSIWYG editor made from ReMirror. I generated my colors using Coolors.coThe best part: All the code is public at

Privacy / Tracking

To get information about the behavior of my visitors, I use Ackee. This analytics software gives me insight about my visitors only in general, but not about individuals per se, as it does not track visitors and does not store any personal identifiable information. Go to their documentationto find out what Ackee collects. Please note that I do collect the detailed information as outlined on their page.
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