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Discovering Types of Smartphone Usage Sessions from User-App InteractionsIn this paper, we examine how embedding physical user-app activity (e.g., taps and scrolls) can provide a rich basis for summarising device usage. Using a large dataset of 82,758,449 interaction events from 86 users over an 8-week period we combine feature embedding and unsupervised learning to extract prominent interactions within clusters of smartphone usage sessions.
Utilising the co-occurrence of user interface interactions as a risk indicator for smartphone addictionThe study highlights a novel methodology to transform and analyse large amounts of interaction events to infer a user's level of smartphone addiction. This is a step forward from using commonly used metrics such as pure screen on time which can misrepresent the cognitive complexities and dependencies of human behaviour.


Nintendo Switch - GBA Emulator On GitHubUtilising the restricted Nintendo Switch browser to capture input and receive streamed emulator data from a remote Python server.
Big Brain Sudokus On the App StoreA Sudoku application written in React Native and managed via Expo. The free and shareable Sudokus are available in 9 difficulties.
This website On GitHubA custom built website using React + aiohttp. Includes server side rendering and a a ProseMirror powered WYSIWYG editor.
Infrared sound remote On GitHubProblem: Speakers that connect to a TV with a proprietary remote control. Solution: A infrared transceiver and a RPi + a local web server.
And much more...There is a lot of testing, prodding and half-finished bits. Feel free to visit my GitHub profile to see them.
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